Silences and System Holds

Well well well… It seems time has swept me up on its inexorable wave, and here I am many months later with nothing but silence on my pop as research projects. This is a result of having too many things happening, rather than (as appears) nothing notable occurring. I am within a year of having returned to work part-time after maternity leave and I think a whole other series of blog posts is required to cover the specific challenges and intricacies of that juggle within academia and how it relates to creative processes! But that will have to wait.

The project I began to describe in the past couple of blog posts based on ‘Pervasive Punishment’ is now nearly complete – in the form of an EP called System Hold. I have been faithfully documenting the process for that and writing about it in various ways, and will post that retroactively over the coming months. But for the meantime, I wanted to share something about the final product and its reception because this fine video (by Sandy Butler) has recently been released, featuring footage from the book launch where the EP got its first live outing, and discussing some of the impact of the work amongst the audience.

I’ll be back soon with lots more discussion of the research and creative processes that produced the work. But for the meantime, please enjoy the taster of what resulted.




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